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Michael Scheuer on Glenn Beck (Terrorists & Southern Border)

This was posted by MRCHOPPS on You Tube March 19, 2009. I want to help get more exposure for this educational vid.Be aware of what’s going on in your world.


4 lbs of Anthrax

Skip over to column 3 and watch this in the Vodpod version, or click here to view it on Tangle where it was originally posted. It has a pop-out player that shows the entire vid well. Sorry this one is too large and I can’t make the player smaller.

I saw this vid on Kevin Jackson’s webpage (TheBlackSphere.blogspot.com) and tracked it down thru Tangle and then on to MemriTV. I wanted it to have more exposure–this is very serious stuff. The poster from MemriTV wrote that the man speaking is actually a professor from Quwait. Pretty scary actually.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “4 lbs of Anthrax“, posted with vodpod

Notre Dame — Should Obama Be Honored?


Father Jonathan Morris, correspondent for the Fox Forum, makes an excellent case for his faith/church in his article,  Controversy at Notre Dame–Should Obama Be Honored?


The cap and gown are not given to an “office.” They are recognitions of extraordinary personal accomplishment worthy of imitation.  When a Catholic university gleefully grants an honorary law degree to someone who is using the law against the most vulnerable members of the human family–the unborn–vigorous and charitable critique is warranted, because silence would imply approval.

Bless you Father Morris for taking a stand and shootin’ straight–YOU ROCK!

Omni National Bank Falls


Out of Atlanta, founded in 2000, total assets $980 mil just a few months ago.

The Dallas branch of Omni Nat’l was taken over this past Friday and it’s assets seized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The bank had been in Dallas almost 2 years.

This bank had a branch in Houston a year ago with $217, 000 in deposits.

Quote from the Dallas Business Journal:

“FDIC filings show Omni had $573 million in total loans at the end of 2008 but had a high percentage of nonperforming assets. Nearly $200 million in nonperforming loans were on the books at that time.”

(Not to be confused with the Omni Federal Credit Union)

Patriot’s call Now Please


We need to get the Blue Dog Democrats to slow down budget approval in the House of Representatives. The vote in committee is tonight.


CALL 202-224-3121. Ask for one of these five Congressmen:

1. Alan Boyd of Florida
2. Bob Etheridge of North Carolina
3. Charlie Melancon of Louisiana
4. Chet Edwards of Texas
5. John Yarmuth of Kentucky

Tell them to vote no on the budget tonight. We can stop the budget if you will pick up your phone right now. The vote is tonight. See Paul Ryan in this video clip point out that Obama’s budget runs afoul of even European socialist rules: http://tinyurl.com/N0Vote

See more details and RSVP on Patriot’s Heart Broadcasting Network:


Patriot’s Heart Broadcasting Network

A Patriot’s heart is the place where the fire burns.

It is the energy that binds us.

Light your fire!

Ignite the flame for our Constitution!

Barney Frank Spewing Hate Speech at Judge Scalia?

March 24, 2009, Sallee5

Barney Frank attempts to throw a red herring in the ring in order to get the heat off his own tail for the HUGE part he played in NOT restricting Fannie May and Freddie Mac (even though Congress was warned 2-3 years ago by both George Bush and Senator John McCain (among other conservatives).

Sept 24, 2008, jaykest1

Sept 29, 2008, jeffreyrh

July 14, 2008, Bloomberg

Feb 26, 2009, Just00truth

About halfway thru you hear Barney Frank from just this past July 14, 2008 he’s on record here outright lying about his part in the now infamous Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae  scandal.

Oct 28, 2008, jbranstetter04

The Obama Deception – An Alex Jones Movie – Part 7

Author: BoKnowsEntertainment