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Chuck Norris For President! :)

Because we’ve HAD IT.


Many people are so disgruntled with our current administration (and with politicians in general) that they feel a strong sense of a loss of control, and that possibly extreme measures will have to be taken.


So . . . Chuck Norris is considering a bid to run for President of . . . TEXAS. (No kidding—really.) 🙂


The story first broke on World Net Daily (wnd.com) from the man himself. Mr. Norris is a contributing writer on WND:

Chuck Norris March 09, 2009  1:00 am Eastern



The second story emerged on Examiner.com (www.examiner.com) by contributing writer Ron Moore:

March 9, 7:33 AM · 350 comments



Then finally, the next day, local media from Chuck’s hometown area decided to run the story. DFW News (a beta version of the online local NBC affiliate in the DFW Metroplex had this:

By Holly Lafon Updated 4:39 PM CDT, Tue, Mar 10, 2009


Now I have never met the man, but I have a great deal of respect of Mr. Norris. For those that aren’t aware, he’s a true patriot, he loves America and wants to see her citizens treated with the dignity, respect, and the fairness that they deserve.


He’s pro-military and law enforcement and I believe he’s a straight-shooter and very good man. He’s made his home in my neck ‘O the woods here in the DFW Metroplex, and shoots his show (Walker, Texas Ranger) in/around Dallas.


It’s funny, because I had received an email from a Texas Ranger (I’ll add it in the next blog) friend a few months ago on this very subject. It was a tongue-in-cheek expose on the possibility of Texas seceding and becoming it’s own nation. We were taught in school of the unique historical right/privilege that we retained after the Civil War. It is fact, it is possible, and it’s doable.


Since Texas holds so many natural resources and has such a variety of climate and soil conditions (mostly moderate) we can grow most anything agriculturally. We have more top colleges in our state than most of the other states. And there are many other things to our credit that are of great benefit to the overall good.


I believe we could be self-contained. Though I truly hope that does NOT happen. (I think it would be horrific.) In the slim event the country were to actually split {God forbid—SERIOUSLY}—let the conservatives have the lower half—we’ll take the Southern portion and let the liberals have the Northern part of the US. ;p(heehee)


I’m including a poll, please give your opinion-it’ll be interesting to see how it adds up over time. 🙂

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