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Who’ll Protect Our Protectors?


In defense of our law enforcement men and women that are are being charged/held erroneously while the criminals were let off easy.

It is a grave injustice and real shame upon America when good people are condemned and confined while the baddies are set free.

The stories are sad, utterly disgusting, and absolutely true. I’ve met too many law enforcement personnel to think that any of the officers on this website deserved what they’re getting. In addition, I’ve heard the factual accounts from eye witnesses from a few of the stories posted there right now. Some of the stories involve illegal aliens who were armed and attempting to harm either the police officers themselves, other officers, or helpless civilians.

If we don’t get hold of the soft-headed liberal judges and take America back, we won’t be America much longer.


If you can catch a recording of the Dave Levine Show from the Patriot’s Heart Broadcasting Network  for March 18, 2009 9 pm-http://www.blogtalkradio.com/PatriotsHeartNetwork-He interviewed Mike Cutler, frequently called on by Fox news to consult on certain issues. Mike is a former cop who is very active in issues involving illegal aliens and terrorists.

On Dave Levine’s show he always mentions the account of the insanely injust treatment of officer Stephanie Mohr who was wrongfully charged and incarcerated for doing her job.

And on the show where Cutler was interviewed, Mike Cutler told more involved facts about Ms. Mohr’s case.

She was on duty and had her police dog with her. A thief/robber (also an illegal alien) was running away, wouldn’t halt and she sent her dog to stop him.

The caught-dead-to-rights repeat criminal was not even injured or harmed in ANY way. But Officer Mohr was tried and found innocent by 10/11 jurors. They could not agree on one point (I can’t remember what it was, but the whole case was pretty cut-and-dry to begin with. Anyway, they tried her again and then she was found guilty (of WHAT exactly?) and sentenced to several years in THE PENITENTIARY.

She’s served like 10 years already for doing her job. THAT is so totally twisted, it’s a shame on all Americans when we treat our protectors that are decent and doing their jobs like criminals.

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