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Republic or Democracy?


A friend of mine asked me just last night, Is America a Republic, or a Democracy?

I replied that we’re a republic nation based upon a democratic form of government. That answer has been burned into my brain. 🙂

She then pointed me to the video, Constitutional Moderation:


From the Blog of Eric J. Beck

Life on the path of Mastery

This guy has some interesting videos for the thinkers out there.

His video, Constitutional Moderation, explores governments historically down to our present day American form of government. This vid is about 10 mins long and seems a LOT shorter than that.

Please watch it and leave a comment giving me your opinion. Personally, I thought the video was very good and probably right on—though I’ll have to do some research.

Check out Eric J. Beck’s stuff and share your feedback when you can. Thanks. 🙂


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