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White House TV


Wow, this is interesting. I vaguely remember watching/reading something on this a while back.

Just launched today (April 1, 2009). Whitehouse.com, and  Whitehouse network and TV.

I hope this enterprise does well, it’s innovative, it’s smart, it’s needed, and it’s technologically cool. 🙂

The goals expressed for this endeavor are:

  • Claims to be the first live online political news network.
  • Promises to be  neutral and non-partisan
  • Will strive to consistently provide direct current info on American polity and provide real-time updates on the actions/goings on of our elected leaders.
  • It promises to allow a place/opportunity for Americans to express their opinions on current issues.
  • Live talk show with call-in capability using skype, cell,  and landline phones.
  • User generated content. They’re offering the platform for anyone to implement their own live call-in talk show with call-in  and live chat capability using their network. All you’ll need would be a camera and computer with internet connection.
  • Offer a toolkit for more experienced videographers to create more polished self-created shows.
  • Promise their hosted programs and productions will be consistent with the type of professional programming we’re used to seeing on the regular tv channels from the syndicates (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, etc).
  • Plans to air newscasts 3 times daily, morning, noon, evening, with one special evening program nightly to start out.
  • Their goal is to go to 24 a day programming eventually

Quote from the site:

make your show live in minutes
You now have your chance to have your own Live TV Show just like a Sean Hannity or Keith Olbermann. All you need is a camera and an Internet connection. This is a Free Service, so start broadcasting.


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