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Washington Prepares Us For YET ANOTHER Bailout Donation


In a story released earlier this afternoon, by our local affiliate here in Fort Worth, we receive the news (care of Rahm Emanuel) that we will have to donate yet again to the failing bank situation.

This, of course, is because the ginormous amount of funds we’ve already given them–TWICE–was not nearly enough to keep the executives in the lifestyles that they’ve come to expect. So, we must, yet again, donate to institutions that will probably be liquidating soon anyway. What is that old term . .  . ‘throwing good money after bad . . . ‘?

Yeah, so Mr. Emanuel is preparing us for another huge stimulus for the banks. I don’t understand why CNN can’t fund the bailout–since they’re so pro-tax-the-people-blind.

OH, Emanuel did make a point to SOFTEN the blow and sell the idea of the bailout addendum by promising that they will NOT nationalize the banks after all. (ALERT: Ocean front property for sale in New Mexico, Arizona, and Arkansas–CHEAP at only $3 trillion per day–I mean acre.)

Please do not miss this little gem of a story, because it will probably be played down by the main stream media. I hope that at least Fox will be on it and get this news out to the people. There are still MANY out there that really have no idea about what is going on in our world. The truth is EVERYwhere, if you want to accept it. But that’s up to you.


Omni National Bank Falls


Out of Atlanta, founded in 2000, total assets $980 mil just a few months ago.

The Dallas branch of Omni Nat’l was taken over this past Friday and it’s assets seized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The bank had been in Dallas almost 2 years.

This bank had a branch in Houston a year ago with $217, 000 in deposits.

Quote from the Dallas Business Journal:

“FDIC filings show Omni had $573 million in total loans at the end of 2008 but had a high percentage of nonperforming assets. Nearly $200 million in nonperforming loans were on the books at that time.”

(Not to be confused with the Omni Federal Credit Union)