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Oh Lord, Not The Pistachios TOO!


Salmanella-laden pistachios . . . Who knew?

(Next it’ll be cashews and, God forbid, PECANS.)

The FDA released the statement and MSN posted it Monday on their Health & Fitness site.

“MONDAY, March 30 (HealthDay News)—U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials said Monday night that the agency is investigating a salmonella contamination that could involve 1 million pounds of pistachios that were sold in at least 31 states. The agency is recommending that people avoid eating any pistachio products until it’s clear which are affected.”

The next paragraph (after the one in quotes above) is a down-play of the previous paragraph and starts out saying, “We’re not dealing with an outbreak here . . . . ”

I have to say, that 1 million pounds of infected product in “at least 31 states” is not something to take so lightly actually. I think you should read the full article for yourself and catch the name brands, and actual food products  involved.

Now I started this blog with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, but to be very clear, my postings are to inform and help get info out to more people. That’s the only reason I do it, to help others. So please read the article for yourself and be aware. I’m concerned about the numbers of product and the number of suspected states involved. That’s not a laughing matter, I’ve had Salmonella food poisoning myself, and if it doesn’t kill you–it’ll make you so sick that you’ll think you’re dying. Yeah, it’s really pretty rough.