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God Bless Dr. Orly Taitz


I heard her speak on Blog Talk Radio this past Sunday night (on the Patriot’s Heart Broadcast Network). I sent out an email to my peeps about it–people need to know about this precious lady. THIS is the channel I actually listened to the broadcast.

She’s Russian, immigrated here to the States, and became a true American patriot. She’s fighting for our rights and she uses her skills in litigation. If you can, listen to the original podcast that I heard, it’s long–but it’s worth it–I promise. (They’re amateurs {like me}  but just stay with it–you’ll be glad you did.)

Dr. Taitz has her own website and a mailing list (I joined of course).

I hope you can catch that show. Check out her website and be encouraged. 🙂

World Net Daily did a story on her last night, it’s a good prep before listening to the Internet Radio show she did 3 nights ago. 🙂


4 lbs of Anthrax

Skip over to column 3 and watch this in the Vodpod version, or click here to view it on Tangle where it was originally posted. It has a pop-out player that shows the entire vid well. Sorry this one is too large and I can’t make the player smaller.

I saw this vid on Kevin Jackson’s webpage (TheBlackSphere.blogspot.com) and tracked it down thru Tangle and then on to MemriTV. I wanted it to have more exposure–this is very serious stuff. The poster from MemriTV wrote that the man speaking is actually a professor from Quwait. Pretty scary actually.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “4 lbs of Anthrax“, posted with vodpod