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Muslim Terrorist Plot In NY Against Americans & Jews

The FBI and NYPD captured 4 Muslim men Wednesday night who had plotted terrorist bombings on Jewish synagogues/centers and military targets in New York.  This was reported early on by my local NBC affiliate.

They attempted to plant bombs outside Jewish community centers in Riverdale (Bronx area). At least one of the bombs was a car bomb

“The FBI said the Muslim suspects were angry and full of hate for America.” (Well apparently they’re also anti-Semitic, let’s not miss that disturbing little fact. Americans and Jews—no matter where they are—seem to be the scapegoats and absolute targets of  every Muslim extremist we’ve found so far. Yep, definite pattern.)

Thankfully, the FBI knew of their plot for about a year, and even supplied them with fake bombs in an undercover operation prior to the attempt to use the bombs to murder innocent people.

An additional disturbing fact is that the leader of the Muslim terrorists has 27 (yes TWENTY-SEVEN) past arrests and was known to spew out hateful threats about Jewish people and Americans. The article in my local online paper said that several of the other suspects (there were only 4—that must mean 2 outside the leader) have spent time in prison over drug charges “and may have converted to Islam in prison” authorities said.

Reading that  they may have (means almost assuredly) converted to Islam while serving prison sentences brings to mind the video, What Islam Is Not on recruiting from within the prisons a type of personality that they can control. So I’m posting that video at the top of this blog.

And while on the subject of terrorists on American soil, there was also a story released last night about the top terrorism suspect that will be coming to New York from Gitmo to stand trial here. The story subtitle is, “Ahmed Ghailani first Gitmo detainee to face trail in civilian criminal court”.

(By the way, do you believe Obama will keep us all safe and sound? Not me, I have absolutely no confidence in him, or his cabinet whatsoever.) Get ready for the schmooze, he gives a speech today on national security. (More blog fodder.)

Back to the first article, on the NY Muslim terrorists, there were so many spicey comments, that I feel I should include the first few here.

“I wonder if secretly Obama is upset these men were caught…”

“How very convenient. The day before Obama is to give a major speech about national security we have this bust. It comes just in time for Obama to point at it and say how safe he is keeping us. Will this overshadow all the other ways that he has put us at risk? Probably. His adoring fans in MSM will play it just as he wants it.”

“These guys may seem like total losers, but honestly, weren’t the 9-11 terrorists basically the same sort of idiots from the same shallow end of the meme pool? Maybe they can be thwarted if we just, you know, try. Never thought I’d say it, but congrats to the FBI for saving some lives!”

“If there are those who are gathering waterboards I shall not say their names! Of course, the Obama administration would like to place these men in the general U.S. population and give them social security payments, section 8 housing, free medical care and an apology for all of America’s wrongs!”



Washington Prepares Us For YET ANOTHER Bailout Donation


In a story released earlier this afternoon, by our local affiliate here in Fort Worth, we receive the news (care of Rahm Emanuel) that we will have to donate yet again to the failing bank situation.

This, of course, is because the ginormous amount of funds we’ve already given them–TWICE–was not nearly enough to keep the executives in the lifestyles that they’ve come to expect. So, we must, yet again, donate to institutions that will probably be liquidating soon anyway. What is that old term . .  . ‘throwing good money after bad . . . ‘?

Yeah, so Mr. Emanuel is preparing us for another huge stimulus for the banks. I don’t understand why CNN can’t fund the bailout–since they’re so pro-tax-the-people-blind.

OH, Emanuel did make a point to SOFTEN the blow and sell the idea of the bailout addendum by promising that they will NOT nationalize the banks after all. (ALERT: Ocean front property for sale in New Mexico, Arizona, and Arkansas–CHEAP at only $3 trillion per day–I mean acre.)

Please do not miss this little gem of a story, because it will probably be played down by the main stream media. I hope that at least Fox will be on it and get this news out to the people. There are still MANY out there that really have no idea about what is going on in our world. The truth is EVERYwhere, if you want to accept it. But that’s up to you.

National Tax Day Tea Party–Revolution Begins

Make no mistake, Americans are getting sick and tired of the games that Washington law makers are playing with our monies.

People of all ages, all races, all walks of life are uniting for the overall good: to send a clear and distinct message to our administration in Washington (and in political seats all across the country,  local and state) that EVERY lawmaker can be replaced. He/she can be retired, and a better man/woman that actually loves this country can take their place.

We need to throw out all the politicians and replace them with TRUE STATESMEN. Understand that there is a world of difference between a ‘politician’, and a ‘statesman’. Learn the difference. Ronald Reagan was a statesman, the head of our current administration is a motivational speaker full of empty promises and hot air.

On Greta Wire, she has a pole asking if this HUGE event that took place all across our nation today was a one time event, or the beginning of a serious movement.

When I took the poll there had been 28794 votes taken at that point. 26437 (or 99%–yes, NINETY-NINE PERCENT) all voted YES, that this is the Beginning of a movement. Only 357 (or 1%) voted No.

World Net Daily ran the story, “Taxpayers descend upon politicians in numbers far beyond expectations

Ning Results for Tax Day Tea Parties across the nation are here.

Pajama TV is running an article instructing individuals on starting their own tea party protests.

And Glenn Beck’s site announced the governor of Texas announcing that we can indeed secede, it’s completely doable, and at this point fiscally responsible to the tax payers of this great state. (But that’s another story entirely, which I’ll have to add later. I’ve already written two articles on that subject in this blog site at an earlier date.) My point is, people are fed up and ready for REAL change. not ‘chains’.

There is some totally awesome video footage taken from the Tax Day Tea Parties from around the nation. They really stir the patriotism. And if you haven’t heard Lloyd Marcus’ Tea Party Song, then you’re missing out! 🙂

I’ll include some videos here for your viewing pleasure: 🙂

Pictures from the Fort Worth National Tax Day Tea Party Event at La Grave Field:





White House TV


Wow, this is interesting. I vaguely remember watching/reading something on this a while back.

Just launched today (April 1, 2009). Whitehouse.com, and  Whitehouse network and TV.

I hope this enterprise does well, it’s innovative, it’s smart, it’s needed, and it’s technologically cool. 🙂

The goals expressed for this endeavor are:

  • Claims to be the first live online political news network.
  • Promises to be  neutral and non-partisan
  • Will strive to consistently provide direct current info on American polity and provide real-time updates on the actions/goings on of our elected leaders.
  • It promises to allow a place/opportunity for Americans to express their opinions on current issues.
  • Live talk show with call-in capability using skype, cell,  and landline phones.
  • User generated content. They’re offering the platform for anyone to implement their own live call-in talk show with call-in  and live chat capability using their network. All you’ll need would be a camera and computer with internet connection.
  • Offer a toolkit for more experienced videographers to create more polished self-created shows.
  • Promise their hosted programs and productions will be consistent with the type of professional programming we’re used to seeing on the regular tv channels from the syndicates (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, etc).
  • Plans to air newscasts 3 times daily, morning, noon, evening, with one special evening program nightly to start out.
  • Their goal is to go to 24 a day programming eventually

Quote from the site:

make your show live in minutes
You now have your chance to have your own Live TV Show just like a Sean Hannity or Keith Olbermann. All you need is a camera and an Internet connection. This is a Free Service, so start broadcasting.


God Bless Dr. Orly Taitz


I heard her speak on Blog Talk Radio this past Sunday night (on the Patriot’s Heart Broadcast Network). I sent out an email to my peeps about it–people need to know about this precious lady. THIS is the channel I actually listened to the broadcast.

She’s Russian, immigrated here to the States, and became a true American patriot. She’s fighting for our rights and she uses her skills in litigation. If you can, listen to the original podcast that I heard, it’s long–but it’s worth it–I promise. (They’re amateurs {like me}  but just stay with it–you’ll be glad you did.)

Dr. Taitz has her own website and a mailing list (I joined of course).

I hope you can catch that show. Check out her website and be encouraged. 🙂

World Net Daily did a story on her last night, it’s a good prep before listening to the Internet Radio show she did 3 nights ago. 🙂

Oh Lord, Not The Pistachios TOO!


Salmanella-laden pistachios . . . Who knew?

(Next it’ll be cashews and, God forbid, PECANS.)

The FDA released the statement and MSN posted it Monday on their Health & Fitness site.

“MONDAY, March 30 (HealthDay News)—U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials said Monday night that the agency is investigating a salmonella contamination that could involve 1 million pounds of pistachios that were sold in at least 31 states. The agency is recommending that people avoid eating any pistachio products until it’s clear which are affected.”

The next paragraph (after the one in quotes above) is a down-play of the previous paragraph and starts out saying, “We’re not dealing with an outbreak here . . . . ”

I have to say, that 1 million pounds of infected product in “at least 31 states” is not something to take so lightly actually. I think you should read the full article for yourself and catch the name brands, and actual food products  involved.

Now I started this blog with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, but to be very clear, my postings are to inform and help get info out to more people. That’s the only reason I do it, to help others. So please read the article for yourself and be aware. I’m concerned about the numbers of product and the number of suspected states involved. That’s not a laughing matter, I’ve had Salmonella food poisoning myself, and if it doesn’t kill you–it’ll make you so sick that you’ll think you’re dying. Yeah, it’s really pretty rough.



Michael Scheuer on Glenn Beck (Terrorists & Southern Border)

This was posted by MRCHOPPS on You Tube March 19, 2009. I want to help get more exposure for this educational vid.Be aware of what’s going on in your world.