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Another Minor Earthquake In N Texas

“A small earthquake rattled houses in Cleburne and surrounding cities Tuesday, but caused no damage or injuries.”

The article I’m taking this from stated that this was the FOURTH earthquake for this area in the past year. When I researched this recently, only 2 were on file with the Institute for Geophysics at UT down in Austin, and the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey website). So . . . where did those other two come from? The article didn’t expound. (bummer)

We’ve gone from never having had one, in all of recorded history, to now having 3 (4 according to the article). The first occurred this past October, and now the 2 latest quakes took place a little over 2 weeks apart!

Thankfully they were all small in scale, and didn’t do any damage. But the big question on my mind is, WHY? Why are having them? Something must be causing them. The only activity affecting that deep would be the intense drilling going on all around the Metroplex now.

And please don’t misunderstand me, I am not against drilling. That is unless it was going to cause some serious damage to our ecological system or certainly to our people. (God forbid)

The article I’ve quoted from here, and linked to, says unequivocally that the quakes aren’t due to the drilling (RIGHT)

Well, if that’s true, then what on earth COULD be causing it? (I’m still leaning toward the drilling.) Common sense tells us there is definitely a reason for the earthquakes ocurring. Someone really needs to find out soon.

I imagine we’ll see more earthquakes getting closer together. And I’m afraid that we’ll start to see some stronger ones that actually do damage, before they find out (or admit ) the cause.

Mild or not, the very idea of earthquakes occurring where they haven’t occurred before (and I’ve been in Fort Worth all my life)  gives me a sense of unease that this is a very bad sign. I am SO hoping I’m wrong.



  tenger wrote @

Thanks for the post. I, too, am very concerned and wondering about the cause of the quakes. There was a 3.6 in Oklahoma earlier this week. A really good site is the USGS–they have current maps for the US and the world that are immediately updated and show quake history. I did not know about the other two in Texas, unless they were the ones in Paris, TX that occurred about 6 or so months ago. The drilling is a possible cause. Another theory, but really far-out one involves the use of weather modification techniques. That area has been the site of strange weather storms. If you are interested, just Google “weather modification, HAARP”. Please keep us posted on what you find. I live in the Balcone region—in Central Texas and have always had a burning desire to know more about quakes. The Lake Waco Dam is built on a fault line. A Baylor geology professor in the 1960s tried to convince the “powers that be” to not build the name where it is now, but the dam was built regardless—-hope this area settles down before….

  sherrytexas wrote @

If you’ll read the blog that I submitted the time of the last one (on May 17th) you’ll see that the earthquakes I’m writing about were all in the DFW Metroplex area. (The Fort Worth-Dallas region.)

Please understand that other parts of Texas have had earthquakes (the Panhandle, South, and West Texas).

Nevertheless, where I live, in the Metroplex, we had NEVER had an earthquake in all of recorded history, until this past October. Then seven months later, we had another on May 15th, and then less than THREE weeks later we have a 3rd quake in the Metroplex area of North Texas.

Like you, I certainly DO see cause for worry. They’re increasing in frequency. I really do expect them to increase more and for their capacity/strength to increase as well. I’m not a gloom-and-doomer, but it’s just common sense.

The fact that we had one, where we’ve never had one before. And now THREE and 2 in very close secession. I really am very concerned. And I believe it must be the drilling that’s just really getting fired up now all around this area that I live in.

And thank you for commenting, bless you! 🙂

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